16% Nitrogen

Your lawn's major requirement for overall growth and development.

10% Phosphate

Essential for healthy roots and shoots and critical for photosynthesis.

3% Potassium

Creates tolerance to climate conditions, grass hardiness.

17% Sulphur

Benefits of sulphur include:

  • Enhanced colour, density, and vigour
  • Increased Iron and Nitrogen accessibility
  • Efficient water and nutrient absorption
  • Resistance to dog pee spots
  • Greater drought resistance
  • Improved winter hardiness
  • Decomposition of thatch
  • Disease and pest resistance

3% Iron

Necessary for chlorophyll reaction contributes to green coloration of lawn. As Nitrogen is added to your lawn, so should Sulphur to maintain the strong correlation between the two nutrients that aid in plant growth.

Groundkeeper is a PREMIUM Lawn Fertilizer 16-10-3-17-3

SKU: Groundkeeper
  • Groundkeeper is a PREMIUM product for those that want exceptional quality and results, you will see the difference. We have spared no expense on our ingredients. It costs a little more for a product to be able to claim, "This product is known to cause lawn Envy!"" but worth every penny. GroundKeeper formulas are designed to be applied in any season, spring, summer or fall.

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